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Guatemala today is the result of vices stimulated throughout many years by the actions of some people and the omission and indifference of others, marking a division amongst Guatemalans. The situation today evidences that we cannot move forward if we are acting alone or against each other. We cannot progress if we concentrate our efforts only on defending our proposals and ideological beliefs. The immense challenges we face as a nation have made us lose hope and we have stopped believing in Guatemala and its potential… We have stopped believing in ourselves and what we are capable of doing!


Mejoremos Guate is an initiative set in to motion by a group of entrepreneurs who joined forces and resources to develop a national strategy in order to influence public policies in favor of the country's development. It is a citizen proposal, open and inclusive, to promote dialogue and achieve a consensual national plan with other actors and sectors. The initiative is driven by a united private sector, integrating projects and technical initiatives, marking a path that will allow us to work together towards a more prosperous, solidary, safe and just nation.


We strongly believe that Guatemala can improve if we build a comprehensive, consistent and viable proposal to advance towards the country we all wish for. Mejoremos Guate is the platform to create and discuss proposals through a dialog process to build the route with trustworthy options and real solutions to reach the nation we desire.


Our proposal encompasses several initiatives that recommend policies, strategies, and actions to advance in economic, social, safety, fiscal, rural development, environmental, and other matters. Each one of these individual efforts is working on their own and is trying to have an impact on the reality of the country; however, this isolation has little results and scarce advances. We want to break the ideal manuals and plans that just end in empty promises that only feed desperation and frustration. It is crucial that every Guatemalan takes the same road towards the development we all desire. This is our focus.


We have invested time and resources to prepare one route and gave room to incorporate other technical proposals. We are aware the there is not just one solution, but a combination of solutions to several problems. For this reason, we strive to identify the existing relationships among many solutions to different problems to have Guatemala progress


In the following video you will see the birth of Mejoremos Guate and efforts to achieve a more prosperous Guatemala, safe and supportive with Juan Carlos Zapata of FUNDESA, Roberto Ardon of CACIF, Fanny AGEXPORT Estrada and Paul Jimenez of the Alliance for Nutrition .




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"We believe in a more prosperous, more secure and more solidarity Guatemala."



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FUNDESA is a private, non-profit organizations created by entrepreneurs, independent from sector based, guild, or partisan interests; created in 1984 from the interest of Guatemalan entrepreneurs to generate and implement programs and projects that boost the country's economic and social development in a sustainable way.


CACIF is a Guatemalan institution created in 1957 by Guatemalan entrepreneurs; it's organized in different Chambers and Associations who recognize the need of a coordinating entity that promotes a larger approach and unifies efforts and actions, without reducing the part and activities of such organizations, to protect the Rule of Law, free enterprise and individual dignity.


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FUNDESA, The Guatemalan Development Foundation, is a non-profit private entity, comprised by business professionals in their personal capacities. FUNDESA works to contribute in the sustainable and democratic development of the country, in a market economy and the Rule of Law, by consolidating an independent and representative organization that can responsibly propose initiatives that in the long-term can aid in Guatemala’s development.