What is FUNDESA?

The Foundation Development of Guatemala FUNDESA, is non-profit private entity, made up of buisness people in their personal capacity,  independent of all sector, union or partisan interests it was established in 1984 by the interest of Guatemalan buisness leaders to generate and implement programs and projects that promete economic and social development in Guatemala in sustainable way. 


FUNDESA works to contribute to the integral, sustainable and democratic development of Guatemala, in a market economy and in a State with Rule of Law, through the consolidation of an independent and representative organization that generates proposals with a proactive and responsible long term points of view, to fix key issues that affect the development of Guatemalans.

FUNDESA  has positioned itself as::

  • A source of information and relevant technical knowledge in Guatemala
  • Bringing together key projects in long-term economic and social transformation
  • A facilitator of international entities for innovation and introduction of new ideas and concepts in Guatemala


Way to play 2030

We are an organization that promotes a technical and collaborative agenda of public policies focused on institutional strengthening, which solves the main challenges in education, health, security and infrastructure of the country, and makes Guatemala the benchmark for the economic and social development of Central America. .


Differentiating Capabilities




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