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Monthly, FUNDESA publish an Economic Bulletin, which constitutes a report on the main national economy indexes. This index looks to inform benefactor businesses and fiduciary associates about the Foundation, as well as news media and reporters, about the evolution of key economic variables like inflation, the international price of petroleum, the Monthly Index of Economic Activity –MIEA-, variables corresponding to the external sector like the income that corresponds to remittances, exports and imports, tourism, exchange rate, and additionally, statistics are presented about income from tax collection for the central government, classified by kind of tax, as well as other variables that are important, like the evolution of credit and the private sector. 


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FUNDESA, The Guatemalan Development Foundation, is a non-profit private entity, comprised by business professionals in their personal capacities. FUNDESA works to contribute in the sustainable and democratic development of the country, in a market economy and the Rule of Law, by consolidating an independent and representative organization that can responsibly propose initiatives that in the long-term can aid in Guatemala’s development.