Fiduciaries 2017 - 2018
Felipe Bosch President
José Miguel Torrebiarte Vicepresident
  Salvador Paiz Vicepresident
  María Isabel Luján Secretary
  Humberto Olavarría Treasurer
  Yara Argueta Director
  Jaime Camhi Director
  José Antonio Corrales Director
  Roberto Gutiérrez Director
  Edgar Heinemann Director
  María Kaltschmitt Director
  Peter Klose Director
  Ricardo Mansilla Director
  Pedro Mendoza Director
  Karla Menical de Mata Director
  Juan Monge Director
  Juan Carlos Paiz Director
  Roberto Paiz Klanderud Director
  Luis Fernando Prado Director
  Juan Mauricio Wurmser Director


10 Calle 3-17 Zona 10
Edificio Aseguradora General Nivel 5, Ala Sur.
Teléfono: +502 2331-5133
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FUNDESA, The Guatemalan Development Foundation, is a non-profit private entity, comprised by business professionals in their personal capacities. FUNDESA works to contribute in the sustainable and democratic development of the country, in a market economy and the Rule of Law, by consolidating an independent and representative organization that can responsibly propose initiatives that in the long-term can aid in Guatemala’s development.